Mar 21, 2021

ReWork By Jason Fried!


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Rework shows you that you need less than you think to start a business – way less – by explaining why plans are actually harmful, how productivity isn't a result from working long hours and why hiring and seeking investors should be your absolute last resort.


Jason Fried is the co-founder and president of 37signals , a Chicago-based company that builds web-based productivity tools that, in their words, "do less than the competition -- intentionally." 37signals' simple but powerful collaboration tools include Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, Campfire, Ta-da List, and Writeboard .

If you dream to open a startup or a business of your own, you must read this book, written by Jason Fried who owns the company named Basecamp, which also one day came up like an startup idea and now making a million dollar business.


Mark Cuban, the well-known American investor, said about the book that if he has to choose between, two people and one of them has done an MBA and the other has read the Rework book, he will choose the one who read the Rework book.

So you must have understood the importance of this book

The chapters of this book summary are as follows:

1) Scratch your own itch: (Solve your problem yourself)

First look at what you need to problem. Then find the solution to that problem.

So the same solution can become your product.

This is what the author has called scratch your itch. It means if you have a problem and to wipe it out, the solution occurred.

Let's understand this from two example:

Nike – We all know about Nike, the famous shoe company. But the story of his started when the America's athletics coach Bill Bowerman was looking for shoes that are extremely strong but extremely, light weight too. They found a lot but did not find such shoes.

So he designed such shoes himself using leather and iron at his workshop.

In this way, they solve their own problem. These shoes greatly increased the running speed of athletes. Thus, a company like Nike started, which later spread throughout the world.

Bill's problem was the absence of good running shoes, and he took the solution, Which became their product later

Otis – All of you have never used an elevator in life, if it was not invented by someone.

It was invented by Elisha Otis. So the elevator is also called Otis.

In fact, they had to climb a lot of stairs every day. From which they were disturbed.

To overcome this problem, he thought of building lift.

Today, the whole world uses this product that they have ever made for itself, So you need to look for, what are the difficulty or problems and find the solution for that, may be tomorrow your product is also all over the world.


2) Start a Business not Startup

The use of the word startup by the youth of today has become like a fashion.

See what you'll say – man I want to put up startup.

When people put up startups, they buy expensive equipment in the beginning of the business. The cost on the advertisement for the product starts to waste money.

They may raise many funds from the investors and by taking more funding, they have to work as per the investors wishes.

Their own vision is lost. So the authors say that startup entrepreneurs and fancy words like fancy words are far from confused.

But look at yourself as a businessman, You don't need a degree or a suit – boot.

Start your business directly without lying in the high of what you have to use. Then gradually go to scale up the business.



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